A downloadable game for Windows


This is my take on Hack and Slash made in Unity3D.

It is build using my Action RPG framework [version 0.8] available on Unity Asset Store. There is already a newer version available on Asset Store, so keep in mind that this is like an very old version. Here you can check out web demo of the current version. Levels and props in game are build with bought textures, since I cannot distribute those I cannot include them in the Assets Package.

Game take place in post-apocalyptic setting, where world is infested with zombies.

Game is still in development, can't promise that I'll finish it, so check out current build for free and let me know what do you think.

There are 5 short levels, saving doesn't work and to quit game use alt-f4, but aside to these inconveniences game should work just fine. Last level takes place in sewers, so basically where you are done there, that is the end of the demo.

Press "1" to use medkit. "2", "3", "4" to switch between weapons. Mouse left-click to move/attack target, right-click to shoot free of target.

Install instructions

Just extract .rar file anywhere a click .exe to run it. Looking forward to read your critique.


V1p1v1.rar 201 MB